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            Very Helpful
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mansour V Makhlouf - Posted on January 29th, 2018
My whole experience was great. I was seen promptly and Dr. Makhlouf was very nice and helpful.

           Very Nice Staff
Self-verified patient of Dr. Mansour V Makhlouf - Posted on December 4th, 2017
The entire staff was very nice and personable. I would recommend Dr. Makhlouf to anyone.

Had a buttock augmentation done by Dr. Makhlouf and I must say that I LOVE it!!! Overall my experience was pleasant. I did a lot of research on doctors for this specific procedure (butt implants) but I found that most plastic surgeons here in Illinois no longer do them. He spent quite a while going over what the procedure would be like during my consultation. The consultation was $100 but considering how much time he spends answering questions and giving you valuable information, the money is worth it. Not to mention if you decide to do the procedure the $100 goes toward your surgery fee. The staff was great, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Makhlouf for those who want a Dr. who is a perfectionist and cares about their patients.

J.R., 8/22/2013

I had four very large babies and had the most unattractive stomach. I found Dr Makhlouf and he literally changed how my body looked I was back to my old self and so happy .He is very skilled and personable. It's been 14 years since my tummy tuck and I still feel so happy I had the surgery with him. I would go back to him in a second.

Sherry 8/10/2013

I am probably one of a few men who worry about their appearance. I had 3 facial procedures done over a period of about 3 years. Dr. Makhlouf was patient in listening to what I wanted done in each procedure. He explained how he would approach each issue and made sure I was in agreement with his plan. My first procedure was done in his office under local anesthetic. It was like being in a hospital with great care being taken to be sure everything was sterile and monitored. Went home after 2 hours and had only minor pain. The results were wonderful. My 2nd and 3rd surgeries were done at a hospital since they required general anesthetic. Each time Dr. Makhlouf had a wonderful bedside manner. The hospital pre-op nursing staff was caring and thorough in their monitoring for surgery. The recovery room nurses kept me under close monitoring due to health issues I have. I had only one bad experience after my 2nd surgery due to the anesthetic given during the procedure. I suffered extreme dry vomiting. I had only a small amount of pain after each surgery. Follow up visits to Dr. Makhlouf's office were for bandage and stitch removal. It was always exciting to see how I looked. Although there was swelling, my face settled in after several weeks. I cannot say enough about Dr. Makhlouf's skill in plastic surgery as well as his kind patient relationship. His office staff is helpful in getting you fast appointments and I never had to wait more than 10 minutes to be taken to an exam room. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to have either a small or large procedure. People say I look 20 years younger and I feel more confident. Thanks Dr. Makhlouf for my new life.

Charles F. Sr 7/26/2013

So happy with the results Dr. Makhlouf was very caring. My procedure went great and I am so happy with the results. I will surely recommend him in the future. 


Amazing Doctor 
Dr. Makhlouf is an amazing doctor. He performed nose surgery on my daughter and the results are amazing. He is very nice, knowledgeable, and caring. I would recommend him to every person that wants to have a cosmetic procedure and achieve beautiful results. 

Chicago, IL 4/8/2011

Very Poor Service I paid $100 as consultation fee to see Dr. Maklouf. This was my first time in his office. I arrived 5 minutes early but waited for more than 1 hour for him to see me.When I asked the receptionist why I had to wait so long, I was told the other people had earlier appointments but had showed up late and took a lot of time with him!!!! Imagine that! I would not recommend him to anybody. He spent only about 15 minutes with me and told me there was nothing he could do for me.He actually left me in the middle of my consultation to spend a long time talking to another patient who apparently had a "big" surgery coming up I consulted another plastic surgeon (and paid no consultation fee by the way) and underwent a procedure. I am healing just fine. Overall very bad experience. Don't go to him. 

Des Plaines, IL 1/1/2011

LocateADoc Reviews

Dr. Makhlouf is one of the nicest doctors in Chicago One of the nicest Doctors I've met. Felt very comfortable; that he was looking what was best for me and not out to just make money off of me. 

C.C. Chicago, IL 8/5/2012

I love my new tummy! Dr. Makhlouf was a great surgeon. He listened to my needs and was very patient with me. The outcome is terrific. I love my new tummy! 

Kim, Northbrook, IL 4/16/2012 

So happy with the results
Dr. Makhlouf was very caring. My procedure went great and I am so happy with the results. I will surely recommend him in the future. 

Chicago, IL 4/28/2011

I had a very good experience the doctor was friendly and very professional. I was nervous but he made it very easy to ask questions. We talked for almost one hour and I left with a lot of information.
KJ, Schaumburg, IL 4/20/2011

​​Real self Reviews

Had a buttock augmentation done by Dr. Makhlouf and I must say that I LOVE it!!! Overall my experience was pleasant. I did a lot of research on doctors for this specific procedure (butt implants) but I found that most plastic surgeons here in Illinois no longer do them. He spent quite a while going over what the procedure would be like during my consultation. The consultation was $100 but considering how much time he spends answering questions and giving you valuable information, the money is worth it. Not to mention if you decide to do the procedure the $100 goes toward your surgery fee. The staff was great, friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Makhlouf for those who want a Dr. who is a perfectionist and cares about their patients.

Milahj, Des Plaines, IL 8/22/2013
Real Self

I Could Not Have Not Asked For Better Results On My Nose Surgery Dr. Makhlouf is an amazing surgeon! For as long as I can remember I have wanted to get a nose job in the hopes of boosting my self confidence but I was always afraid of what the results would be. Once I met with Dr. Makhlouf, he really took the time to explain the procedure, he showed me what the best nose for my face was and was able to answer any questions I had, making me feel confident about the surgery. Just by the way he measured my face and was able to draw out everything shows not only how experienced he is but also his passion for what does. For me that was a huge factor because it enabled me to trust him with my face. The surgery went very smooth, I do not recall much even after because I slept for about a day so. Everyone I had talked to in the past that had a nose surgery told me that the worst thing about it is the pain afterwords, but to my amazement I felt absolutely nothing.The way Dr. Makhlouf did the surgery had everything run smoothly afterwords. Not even a day past by and he mad sure to call and see how I was doing. I had never met a doctor to be so concerned and take such great care of his patients. It's been about two years after my surgery and I could not be happier with the results. No one can ever guess that I had my nose done. A lot of times when I tell people they look at me and still can't believe it. The way it is so proportionate to my face now and straight it just makes it impossible to tell that it was worked on. As I have mentioned before I could have not asked for anything better. It definitely boosted my self confidence and now I am no longer stressed when people look at me. I have recommended Dr. Makhlouf to all my friends and I will continue to do so because I do not think that there is a better plastic surgeon out there. 

Stefania R., Des Plaines, IL, 8/12/2012
Real Self

I Couldn't Have Asked for Any Better Results So Far This is my 3rd surgery with Dr. Makhlouf. I had a crisis after my surgery and he called me back within minutes. I totally trust his honestly and judgment with regards to my preference. He will listen to what you think you want and then explain in detail what is best for your health and overall appearance. Any other doctor would just do what you ask and not take the time to show what would be best for YOU.
cflesher50 Zion, IL 7/15/2012 

The Best Decision I Ever Made to Improve my Physical Appearance I found Dr. Makhlouf on the internet. I rate skills 5 stars out of 5. I would definitely recommend the doctor to anyone considering any type of cosmetic surgery.
Louiskiess Des Plaines, IL 7/1/2012

I found Dr. Makhlouf on the Internet. The Best decision ever!!  


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Yelp Reviews

I found pure gold in Dr. Makhlouf I met Dr. M. after doing a lot of research looking for an experienced,trustworthy plastic surgeon.They really are the best at the craft of improving one's physical self and I've learned the hard and expensive way.I 've been to a pediatrician for a very deep peel(what was I thinking!?),a nurse for my radiesse and a g.p. for mole removal. No more! I found pure gold in Dr. Makhlouf. Not only did I accomplish this,but I also met a very nice,caring individual,who seemed more interested in me than just making a buck.He expertly and almost painlessly injected my fillers and botox. Little did he know,I was interviewing him for my dream body improvements. :) I hope he continues to practice for a long while as my list is long,haha. 

Maddy S. Chicago, IL 7/26/2012

​​​​​​Yahoo Reviews

I am very happy with my surgery outcome Dr. Makhouf is such a great surgeon. I am very happy with my surgery outcome. I would definitely recommend Dr. Makhlouf.  

Catherine, Glenview, IL 7/7/2011 
Yahoo Local

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Did not want scar I was referred to this doctor for the removal of a prominent facial mole. While my primary care physician could have removed it, she did not want me to be left with a scar in such a visible area. Dr. Makhlouf was pleasant, although a bit odd in his mannerisms (perhaps it was a cultural thing). The surgery went well with him removing the mole along with several others as a bonus. His nurse was a bit odd and I didn't appreciate the comments made when I winced at the numbing shots (something akin to "oh, come on, you're a woman, how are you going to deal with childbirth" Ugh!) Despite all that, that removal turned out fantastic. The scar isn't even visible and people who didn't know me with the mole can't even tell that I ever had one. One other point to mention, I did not appreciate his offer to write me a prescription for acne when I went for a follow-up. I'm just not a fan of doctors who are that eager to whip out the prescription pad. 

Highland Park, IL 5/1/2009

Dr. Makhlouf is incredible This doctor is incredible. He is an artist. He did my reconstruction after a masectomy, and I couldn't be happier. Everyone who sees his work is amazed, including other doctors. 

Skokie, IL 4/7/2009

Google Reviews

        Kathie Deyerler 2 months ago-
I had two surgeries done by Dr. makhlouf, both were very successful. He is a great surgeon! He is very kind and compassionate. In addition his staff is wonderful. Every time I called in with a question they were very helpful. When you have an appointment, you will be seen on time. I fully recommend this practice.

        BERE TOLEDO 3 months ago
Excellent Dr. and staff! Prices are great as well. Truly recommend Dr. makhlouf



         MakeupbySoniia 3 months ago
Dr.Makhlouf is amazing he is very understanding and gives amazing results I’ve had two surgeries with him and would for sure come back to him i am more than happy with my results.

Customer Lobby Reviews

Summary: They treat you like a friend, not like a patient. 

Review: Any type of surgery is scary, but the doctor and the staff at Enhanced Form are so kind. They talk to you about everything and tell you everything they are going to do so you forget the scariness. They treat you like a friend, not like a patient. The whole experience is just comforting and relaxing. 

Reviewed By: Lena B.
Review Date: 11/3/2011
Reviewer Location: Northbrook, IL
Customer Lobby 

Summary: It took a long time to heal, but it corrected itself. 

Review: I had some reconstructive surgery done at Enhanced Form. I had several things done, but the one that really gave me some complications was the removal of skin off my legs. It was hard for me, and it took a long time to heal. It didn't go exactly as we planned, so I as back and forth as we tried different things out because it wasn't healing properly. Eventually they did a couple of things and it corrected itself. 

Reviewed By: D. B.     
Review Date: 10/4/2011
Reviewer Location: Chicago, IL 
Customer Lobby

Summary: Worked out really well.
Review: I had a good experience with Enhanced Form, especially because Dr. Makhlouf worked around my work schedule. I was able to come in and let them know that I was on lunch and they took care of me during my hour lunch. I was in and out of there and back to the office on time, so it worked out really well.   

Reviewed By: Iliana V.
Review Date: 9/7/2011
Reviewer Location: Chicago, IL
Customer Lobby   

Summary: Dr. Makhlouf is the best surgeon! 

Review: I'm so happy I went to see Dr. Makhlouf. He is very personable and my surgery went perfectly. I'm so happy with the outcome. I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends. 

Reviewed By: Jennifer M.
Review Date: 8/3/2011
Reviewer Location: Chicago, IL 
Customer Lobby

Summary: Results are wonderful even though I had a tough time with the actual procedure itself. 

Review: I went to Enhanced Form for a neck lifting procedure. They told me that pain wise it would be minimum. I'm allergic to any of the good narcotics, and have relied on extra strength Tylenol through my other procedures just fine so they told me it would be the same for this procedure. Unfortunately, it wasn't. This surgery left me feeling the pain! I wish I would have been warned ahead of time, instead of being assured over and over again that the pain would be minimal. Also, towards the end of the surgery, the anesthesiologist made a mistake and pulled the tube too soon. I woke up vomiting, which is not good for someone who just had a neck lift. But the tube wouldn't fit back in, so they had to force it back in to re-intubate me. So on top of a more painful healing, I had the worst sore throat for days after the surgery. I was so uncomfortable and in a good deal of pain for over ten days after the procedure. I wish everyone had been more up front with me about the pain. I think the results are wonderful, and I am very happy with them. And my surgeon is great and did a really great job! I would highly recommend them. I would go back there again, only next time I'd make sure that they used another anesthesiologist. 

Reviewed By: Cindy F.
Review Date: 8/2/2011
Reviewer Location: Chicago, IL   
Customer Lobby  

Summary: I was nervous, but they talked to me and told me everything would be fine. 

Review: I was going to have my procedure done, and when I got it done Doctor Makhlouf's staff took care of me right away. They wanted to know if I was nervous or if I had any questions. I said no, though I did say I was kind of nervous, and they talked to me and told me everything would be fine. When they did the intravenous, they were very careful. I liked them, I really did. Reviewed By: Mary H.Review Date: 18 Jul 2011Reviewer Location: Chicago, IL Summary: Exceptional. 

Review: Enhanced Form is very low key. I never feel rushed when I'm in the office. The office manager, Mariana, goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, and Dr. Makhlouf always takes time with his patients. I recently used them for the third time, and each time has been wonderful. Dr. Makhlouf is gentle, soft spoken, and comfortable with what he does. You can tell that his work is important to him. I like that he has Saturdays when he does small procedures in the office, assisted by a nurse. Other cosmetic surgeons I've used in the past do outpatient at the hospital, and not only is this more expensive, it's nowhere near as comfortable. The whole staff at Enhanced Form is just amazing. You feel like a person when you are there, not a number. I am quite satisfied with the results. 

Reviewed By: Rosann S.
Review Date: 7/12/2011
Reviewer Location: Des Plaines, IL 
Customer Lobby

Summary: Very kind and very helpful.

Review: Enhanced Form is very good. I would recommend Dr. Makhlouf. The best thing about him is that he is very kind and very natural. The staff is very nice to meet, and they are very helpful. 

Reviewed By: Neli T.
Review Date: 7/6/2011
Reviewer Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Customer Lobby     

Review Summary: 1000 satisfied!! 

Review Details Dr. Makhlouf at Enhanced Form did a superb job! I am so happy with the work they did. I look and feel like a new person. I'd give him more than 5 stars! He's just a wonderful surgeon. He takes kind, loving care with you. I found Dr. Makhlouf and Enhanced Form online after I did a little research on him. I was very impressed with his background. We met for the first consultation, and I was extremely impressed with him and his staff! It went on from there! I've gotten two surgies with Dr. Makhlouf and Enhanced Form and I am 1000 satisfied!!  
Reviewed By: Elizabeth
Reviewer Location: Des Plaines, IL 
Customer Lobby   

True Reviews

This was the best experience for me. I was very satisfied with the office, the doctor and the hospital. I am very happy with my results.

- I.G.
Verified TrueReviews®

Dr. Makhlouf was very detailed when explaining the procedure and what to expect. I knew exactly what to expect before, during and after the procedure and didn't go into it blindly thanks to him! He and his staff were very helpful and got back to me asap whenever concerns needed to be addressed. His work is amazing and I love how proud he is of his work. I highly recommend him!

Verified TrueReviews®

I had an amazing experience from the day of my consultation to after surgery. The staff was friendly and took awesome care of me. All of my questions were always answered and I felt that I was in great hands. Dr. Makhlouf was super friendly, professional and very comfortable to talk to and be around. I highly recommend this place!

- A.D.
Verified TrueReviews®

Contacte al Dr. Makhlouf por medio del internet. Mi primera consulta con el me gusto y que supo lo que yo queria y que me recomendo la meora opcion. Mi procedimiento y cirugia fue muy limpio y profesional. Siempre al pendiente de todo me enconto. Recomendaria al Dr. Makhlouf ampliamente como mi Dr. particular y 100% profesional. Sigo regresando con el para cualquier procedimiento que quiero hacerme. Estoy 100% satisfecha.

Verified TrueReviews®

From the consultation all the way to post op, the overall experience has been World Class. Dr. Makhlouf is very informative and a true professional! ! I am extremely impressed with the results and I highly recommend him!

Verified TrueReviews®

My experience with Dr. Makhlouf has been excellent. What I liked the most about Dr. Makhlouf is that he is very professional and personable. He has made me feel very comfortable but also gave me his best and honest opinion to suit my needs. Mariana has went above and beyond to work with my schedule and make sure that everything was done in just two weeks from beginning to the end, which is amazing. She has also been very professional and personable to me as well. Every phone call and questions has always been returned and answered. The day of the surgery went really well not only because of the skillful and experienced team that was working with Dr. Makhlouf but also because of the care and compassion I received. I could not be any happier with my experience and the final results. Dr. Makhlouf and his excellent team helped me see myself the way I should, with confidence and love. I could not be more thankful for this life changing experience. Thank you.

- K.K.
Verified TrueReviews®

The hospital staff along with doctor Makhlouf office staff were marvelous and attentive before and after my surgery. I'm in love with the results and hope in the long run to have something else done with Doctor Makhlouf also will be recommending him with friends and family. Thank you so much

- J.R.
Verified TrueReviews®

My experience with Dr Makhlouf has been outstanding. He is very thorough, professional and very detailed oriented.  I am very happy with the outcome of my procedure.

- M.V.
Verified TrueReviews®

I have had the best experience ever. The technique used by Dr. Makhlouf really improves the scar tremendously. I've had no post op issues and very minimal discomfort!  He is truly the best!

Verified TrueReviews®

My experience with the surgery was very well. Everything was extremely professional. I was given the opportunity to ask all of my questions and concerns about the surgery before and after. The surgery itself had very minimal pain which was not what I had expected. Everything in the hospital was great! I received the best attention from the entire hospital staff and Dr. Makhlouf. If I had to go through this entire experience again, I would do it in a heart beat again with Dr. Makhlouf!

- A.M.  (VITALS)
Verified TrueReviews®

I have been coming to Dr Makhlouf for about 4 years. I have had nothing but positive experiences. He is a very professional doctor. Listens to all of my wishes and concerns and is very accommodating. All of the surgeries he performed were successful and I am very happy with his work. Now I come to his office on a regular basis. His staff are all very friendly and also very professional. I had only good experiences and would definitely recommend Dr. Makhlouf to everybody. Thank you to him and his wonderful staff.

Verified TrueReviews®

I have had a great experience with Dr. Makhlouf and his staff. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. In addition to my wonderful experience with the consultations etc, I absolutely love the results of my tummy tuck. They prepared me and let me know what to expect. It made the recovery a breeze. I honestly wish I had found Dr. Makhlouf sooner and I would have gotten this done years ago.

Verified TrueReviews®

First off I want to thank my Dr and his staff for excellent service. From day one they have been through every step with me through this process. I researched Dr Makhlouf and his work online and was amazed by his results. I don't regret my decision. I can not be happier with my results. The whole process has went very smoothly its unbelievable. I love it!! I highly recomend him and his staff 100%!

- A.R.  (VITALS)
Verified TrueReviews®

Estoy muy satisfecha por el trabajo del doctor. Y Les recommend q vengan con el. No se van a arrepentir Trara muy bien a las personas y esta al pendiente de tu recuperation. LA secretarial es muy Buena persona y muy amable su personal. Asi que vengan con el. Deverdad es maravilloso.

- M.C.
Verified TrueReviews®

I was extremely pleased with my results. Everyone tells me how great I look and they can't believe it when I tell them that I have had a facelift because they say it looks so natural. I would highly recommend Dr Makhlouf to anyone seeking a more youthful but natural appearance.

- M.Z.
Verified TrueReviews®

Dr. Makhlouf was the plastic surgeon on call when my son was brought into the emergency room with a very wide cut to his forehead. (6 inches across and open an inch or more top to bottom) He was very calm and soothing with my 5 year old son and also was able to stitch up the wound without restraining or sedating him. He was also honest with him and told him that it would hurt for as long as it would take him to count to 10. After seeing the wound moments before the surgery, I had no idea what to expect but I did not expect it to look good. It is approximately 6 weeks after the event and it really looks like the scar is going to be barely noticeable. Everything was stitched up so precisely I could hardly believe it. Dr. Makhlouf was very helpful in our follow-up appointments as well, taking time to answer our questions and advising on continuing care. We feel very lucky to have had his care on Christmas Eve, knowing it could have been anyone. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing a plastic surgeon.

- J.K.
Verified TrueReviews®

I had otoplasty done by Dr Makhlouf two weeks ago. I can already see the results and I love them. I wanted to have this procedure for a long time and I am so happy that I choose Dr Makhlouf. I will recommend him to anybody who wants to have a cosmetic procedure. He is amazing, as well as his stuff. Thank you, Dr Makhlouf!

- N.Y.  (VITALS)
Verified TrueReviews®

I had four very large babies and had the most unattractive stomach.I found Dr Makhlouf and he literally changed how my body looked I was back to my old self and so happy.He is very skilled and personable.It's been 14 years since my tummy tuck and I still feel so happy I had the surgery with him.I would go back to him in a second.

Verified TrueReviews®

After going to quite a few consultations, including Dr. Makhlouf, I decided wholeheartedly that he was the one that I wanted to do my procedure. He & his staff were very patient, answered all of my questions & were upfront & honest with what my procedure would entail. The cost was very competitive as well...which is always a plus!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Makhlouf to anyone! 100%!! Unequivocally!

Verified TrueReviews®

Arriving at Dr. Makhlouf office I was greeted by his friendly staff. I went into a examing room for a free consultation with the Dr. There were before and after books of former patient I could browse through while I waited. When he came in my first impression was good. He looked very professional and made you feel at home. I told him I wanted liposuction to remove my love handles. I inquired about other methods and he explained them and we decided liposuction was the best. You could tell he was most interested in getting good results and not trying to make the most money. After talking about different things, I felt very comfortable with him and decided to go ahead with the procedure. I decided to have this done in his office instead of the hospital because it saved me close to a $1000. I went back for another visit in case I had other questions and he explained the procedure in detail and set up a date for it. The procedure went well and I had mild discomfort which I took some pain pills for. I went back after 6 weeks for a checkup and things were good. I am extremely happy about my results. I would do it again and highly recommend Dr Makhlouf.

Verified TrueReviews®

Doctor was very friendly and caring. He gave me background on treatment/procedures to educate me on possible decisions I could make. Staff was wonderfully friendly. I was given tips and options on my financing needs.

- M.U.  (VITALS)
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Great experience overall. Good doctor with awesome assistance, make you feel surely secured and in good hands. I cannot feel any better and so confident about myself.

- G.L.
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Dr. Makhlouf did Botox and removed a mole from the inner thigh. The Botox injection was painless and my results are fabulous. I look awake and refreshed. This is what all my friends are telling me without knowing I had the Botox. The mole removal was painless and healed quickly. No scar in the area of the mole. Dr. Makhlouf and the office staff are very professional. The man has hands of gold.

- B.S.
Verified TrueReviews®

Me gusto ucho el trabajo del Dr y esty muy agusto y contenta con el resultado y todo. e gustan no solo los resultados pero como fue el doctor y tambien las personas del hospital.

- G.M.
Verified TrueReviews®

My experience with Dr. Vincent Makhlouf has been a pleasant one, as well as his staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs surgery of any kind because his professional experience and care as well as warm bedside manner. mak

- I.O.
Verified TrueReviews®

Had procedure done by doctor Makhlouf about two years ago my experience was excellent everything was explained in advance by the doctor and his staff to the point that I had no more questions everything turned out perfectly and I could not be happier with the results. Thanks doctor Makhlouf.

Verified TrueReviews®

The DR is very good and friendly listen to your concern help you in every way the staff at the clinic as well.

- X.A.
Verified TrueReviews®

i loved everything in general since day one , i can be an happier with the doctor. I would come to him again in the future. best place and choice i evered made. i totally recommend it to anyone.

- B.M.
Verified TrueReviews®

Estoy muy satisfecha con los resultados de abdominoplastia el hospital y el doctor muy professional exelente atencion y cuidado gracias x los Buenos resultados totalmente satisfecha

Verified TrueReviews®

Tiene un personal excelente y sobre todo Leslie quien contesto todas mis dudas.

Verified TrueReviews®

Queria hacerme la cirugia plastica de mi cara y de mi cuello por largo tiempo, pero debido al miedo y que temia a los riesgos que podian presentarse por mi edad, setenta y cinco anos, lo fui posponiendo. Al fin consulte con el Dr.Makhlouf MD.y enseguida decidi proceder. La experiencia ha sido incredible, su trato ,el ambiente del hospital limpio e imaculado lleno de paz. La recuperation con su apoyo ha sido rapida y excelente, sus asistentes son muy profesionales. En conclusion estoy feliz con los resultados, toda mi familia aprueba mi decision y mi esposo no se cansa de decirme lo bella y joven and luzco.

Verified TrueReviews®

My experience with Dr. Makhlouf was phenomenal. I was insecure about the excessive skin/fat that was on my back. Dr. Makhlouf did an amazing job removing the excess giving me the confidence that I so much desired; I'm happy being me again. Thanks Dr.Makhlouf for the care, concern, and expertise that you display as a surgeon!.

- E.C.  (VITALS)
Verified TrueReviews®

The Doctor makes you feel very comfortable and the staff is very professional and kind.

- R.J.
Verified TrueReviews®

I had tummy tuck. Fabulous doctor and awesome staff. I highly recommend.

Verified TrueReviews®

my experince was very good i was nervous at first. later after my apointment he gave me trust in him as he was explaining the process. im really happy with the results i can finally wear my favorite dress. i highly recomend him. it will change youre life

- M.D.
Verified TrueReviews®

Tuve una gran experencia con el Dr. Makhlouf. Estoy bien satisfecha con los resultados de mi nariz. Gracias por good...

Verified TrueReviews®